health monitoring platform

iPhone application

easy home collected tests, dashboard & iphone app

Diagnost is an integrative platform that offers health tracking and preventive medicine, with the goal to improve the quality of your life.

Our platform contains a variety of useful educational materials as part of our blog, a personal account page, as well as descriptions of medical indicators and much more.

However, we at Diagnost want to ensure that you can track your health whenever you need, at any time or place. We’ve made that possible with our Diagnost app for iOS.

app features

What you’ll get

app helps you intuitively choose the right tests, based on your symptoms and personal parameters

access to a free health check-up, along with a detailed explanation of your parameters, on signing in to the app

app increases your accessibility to your personal health tracker on our platform

Diagnost tests are simple and non-invasive with clear instructions

easy to choose, order and purchase any test kit through the app itself

Each test is analysed and interpreted by a health expert, and you can view a detailed report on the app whenever you want

Diagnost takes care of your health, and you can access our services from the comfort of your home or even while you’re busy at work. Simply select the desired test, follow the instructions, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.