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Diagnost has collaborated with several highly specialized private laboratories in the USA and Europe for testing all blood, urine, and saliva samples.

These laboratories are certified and accredited by various international and local authorities and organizations for the credibility and accuracy of their methods and techniques Innovative approaches and high-quality standards are the key factors of these laboratories’ compliance.


Teletest Barcelona

was founded in 1975 as a clinical analysis laboratory. With the constant introduction of new techniques, it has allowed them to run different areas of analysis. The desire to provide high quality service in the environment of health and safety, for more than 40 years has allowed Teletest to have a company dedicated to clinical and industrial analysis. With a high degree of customer satisfaction and that we continually innovate in new products to meet the needs and changes of society.


US Labs

We use the US CLIA-certified and research labs to offer testing of hormones and its metabolites in urine to monitor hormone replacement therapy. This diagnostic laboratory is committed to providing the highest quality and accurate testing, reproducibility, and the utility of its markers in clinical and functional diagnostics.The laboratories provide internal and external controls to maintain rigour and proficiency in diagnostic methodology. 


We are open to any new partners and offers of collaborations. If you are a certified and accredited lab and are interested in our platform, please send your proposals to

Trusted By Patients 

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